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Our Philosophy - TA's 5 Truths

1. Customer Service is King

We know that our customers are savvy enough to determine if we are a temporary housing partner they can trust by the way we service them and their policyholders. Consistently delivering world-class service for matters both big and small and creating opportunities for “warm and fuzzy feelings” about our company has been a cornerstone of our success.

2. It Takes a Village

A lot of our competitors tout a single point of contact for all of their adjusters and policyholders. We believe it takes a village and take the single point of contact concept to the next level. In addition to assigning a dedicated service representative, we also, through our technology and communications policies, ensure that every TA team member has a 360 view of each and every claim. That way, when life happens, as it always does, a live person who knows their situation and is able to quickly resolve any issues will greet our adjusters and policyholders.

3. Communication is Key

Recall your last childhood game of Telephone? Miscommunications happen all the time, but in our industry, disconnects--even minor ones--can be costly. That’s why we believe in investing in both people and technology that help us maintain the highest level of communication possible. We also ensure that our processes and procedures encompass clear and frequent communication paths and multiple delivery channels to ensure we get information out to our customers and team members wherever they are, however they want it, and whenever they need it.

4. The Devil’s in the Details

At TA, we do sweat the small stuff. After all, paying close attention to detail is what enables us to save our adjusters valuable time and money all while giving your policyholders the specialized care they deserve.

5. Don’t Just Care a Little…Care A LOT

We all recognize a phony when we see one—you cannot only see it, but you can hear it and feel it as well. You won’t find a shred of hypocrisy or pretense here – at TA, the genuine care our team has for the adjusters and policyholders we serve emanates. And that passion and care extends beyond our office walls into our communities.